Leg Ulcer Clinic

The Leg Ulcer Clinic mainly specialises in compression bandaging as a form of treatment for leg ulcers. It is run by the practice nurses and is held weekly at Brookside Health Centre. Initial assessment is undertaken to determine whether this form of treatment is suitable for individual patients.

Well Leg Clinic

The Well Leg Clinic aims to promote ‘healthy legs’ for those individuals who suffer from venous disease which may put them at risk of developing leg ulcers. Follow-up care is also offered to those individuals who have experienced leg ulcers in the past. This is also provided by our practice nurses and is held weekly at the the Health Centre.


The asthma clinic is open to all asthmatic patients. Your doctor may refer you, but you are also able to book your own appointments.

The aim of the clinic is to help diagnose asthma and to educate patients about their asthma. It is run by practice nurses who have undergone extra training in respiratory diseases. They are able to help to find the right medication to control symptoms. They can also identify patients with poor control of the condition, help them to self-manage their asthma and thereby improve their quality of life.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Clinic

If you have emphysema, chronic bronchitis or chronic asthma, the specially trained nurses at the clinic can help you manage your symptoms and find the best treatment to help with breathlessness, cough and wheeze. They are able to do lung function testing to find out how much lung function has been lost and then direct your treatment at that level, to help improve your quality of life.


Most diabetics are cared for by the practice, rather than being referred to the hospital. We hold weekly clinics for annual and general reviews run by our specially trained Practice Nurses. We hold dedicated clinics to assess results and advise on medication, insulin initiation and changes, diet and lifestyle.

As part of the annual review, an appointment will be made to see the podiatrist, and a retinal screening appointment will be offered. We have close links to the diabetic service at St. Mary's Hospital and offer a combined service with some patients having shared care between ourselves and the hospital. Patients are referred to the hospital service where necessary.

Children's Immunisation Clinic

The practice nurses hold clinics for children and babies. Appointments can be made at reception or by invitation.

Antenatal and Postnatal Clinics

These are by appointment with your own doctor or midwife.

Family Planning

By arrangement with your own GP or our Advanced Nurse Practitioner at the weekly “Drop-In” Family Planning Clinic at Brookside, Wednesdays 5.00-6.00pm.

Minor Operations and ECGs

Please discuss these with your GP or ANP.

Travel Abroad

Our practice nurses are available to offer medical advice regarding travel and vaccinations where appropriate. Do plan ahead and make an appointment. Please note: Yellow Fever immunisation has to be done at a designated centre.

Blood Tests

We offer a phlebotomy service to all our patients, by appointment only, and at the Brookside Health Centre. Our clinics operate every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, and every other Wednesday morning. On arrival, please book in at reception, or by using our checking-in screen.

Blood tests are also available at the Pathology Department at St Mary's Hospital in Newport. Please check with the department direct for current clinic times.

Test Results

All patients need to telephone the practice to obtain information regarding test results. Please allow at least a week after providing a sample for urine, smear or blood testing, before contacting us.

If we have recieved your results before you contact us, and the GP has any concerns we will contact you.

You can call us for test results information between 10.30am and 12.30pm Monday to Friday. Please press option 4 for test results.

Flu Vaccination

Every autumn, vaccinations to prevent flu are available for patients over the age of 65 and those at risk from chronic diseases. Posters are displayed in the waiting rooms at both sites and clinics are advertised in the local press.

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